Earth 2 - Season 1 Episode 17

Colonists, crash-landed on an alien planet, begin the long trek to their originally designated landing place, facing alien and human threats.

Episode: 17/20 eps

Duration: 60 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1994

IMDb: 6.9

Season 1 - Earth 2
06 Nov 1994
"Devon Adair and her crew are searching a new home for the human race. The colonization of \"Earth 2\" is difficult. Some government forces want to destroy the ship of the colonists. But they ..."
13 Nov 1994
"With narration by Danziger, the colonists discover more from the indigenous humanoid aliens, and find a human, Gaal, who claims creatures beat him near death. He also claims to be an astronaut that landed on planet G889, but several "
20 Nov 1994
"With narration by True, Gaal tries to gain her confidence in order to obtain a vehicle. Meanwhile Yale searches for the meaning of Gaal's E2 tattoo. Finally Danziger must find his daughter and confront Gaal."
27 Nov 1994
"With narration by Alonzo, Uly's health severely deteriorates as the Terrians suffer under Gaal's use of shock collars on them. After a scouting trip, Denziger leads a party to confront Gaal again and help to heal Uly."
04 Dec 1994
"With narration by Adair, the colonists find other crew members dead or gravely ill. As Dr. Heller searches for the cause and cure for the illness, Adair considers whether the ship was sabotaged."
28 May 1995
"With narration by Yale, some problems intensify. Morgan seeks to escape reality, Alonzo suffers from severe depression, and the colonists need to supplement their food supply. Bess now tries to barter with a Grendler."
"No description"
18 Dec 1994
"With narration by Julia, the feeling of loneliness is adversely affecting the marriage status of Morgan and Bess. Meanwhile, at the urging of Reilly, Dr. Heller addresses the growing symbiosis between Uly and the Terrians."
08 Jan 1995
"Julia hopes the secret injection of Uly's DNA will make her the link to the Terrians. When her V.R. visit with Reilly is disclosed by True, Julia's conflict of Project-physician\/Council-patriot is considered by the group."
22 Jan 1995
"With narration by Devon, Alonzo seeks and returns Julia to the camp. Yale is then the first to be shot by a deadly assailant, identified later by Reilly as a Z.E.D. The group must now find him and stop the threat."
05 Feb 1995
"With narration by Alonzo, the approaching winter prompts Uly to reveal the location of Mary's garden, a vacated dome. Alonzo later meets Mary, a woman whose strange past is revealed when the moons cross in the sky."
19 Feb 1995
"With narration by Morgan, the group finds a new remarkable substance, which he names Morganite. As Yale increasingly appears to become a danger to others, Morgan sets the geolock, which petrifies a 1Km zone."
26 Feb 1995
"With narration by Morgan, Mary appears with the Terrians who want retribution against Bess, Morgan and Yale. As the group struggles to break the lock code and restore the affected area, the sun stones reveal the truth of Yale's past."
05 Mar 1995
"With narration by Danziger, the scouts chase a Grendler to locate its stash. The group also receives mysterious transmissions by a Dell to a Whalen and a primitive hut is found. Finally, True learns the truth about her mother."
"No description"
26 Mar 1995
"After the group plans to scout ahead toward New Pacifica, a Grendler ransacks Julia's medical supplies and later kidnaps her. Devon, Danziger and Alonzo search to find where she is and why the Grendler can obtain seawater."
23 Apr 1995
"As Uly celebrates his ninth birthday, his adult self from the future contacts Devon to persuade her to help him evade the authorities determined to wipe his Terrian-traits from his DNA. Meanwhile, Yale and True nurse a sick koba to health."
02 Apr 1995
"(Day 109) While foraging for food during the harsh winter, Julia finds a Terrian body frozen in the ice. The hope of learning more about the native inhabitants turns to fear as strange things start to happen around the camp."
23 Apr 1995
"With narration by Danziger, a scout team, in search for much needed supplies, finds that Cargo Pod 09 has been completely looted. Now in need of rescue after crashing the Rail, Danziger and Alonzo pursue a Grendler for its stash."
04 Jun 1995
"Scouting in all directions, Danziger, Bess and Morgan come upon colorful flower buds which burst open throwing a golden powder in their faces. The flower pollen carries a sickness that causes them to emit a golden vapor."